A weathered green birdhouse / nestbox hangs from a tree branch against a green backdrop.

Family Made

For 35 years, our family has been helping to create treasured moments and bring beautiful wild birds to your yard with our commitment to quality seed produced right here in America. Harvest Seed & Supply® is our invitation to a new generation to connect with nature through the care and feeding of wildlife.

A Red-bellied Woodpecker cheerfully makes a meal out of Harvest Seed & Supply Snack Stacks.

The hectic pace of modern life doesn’t always leave much room for getting out into the wild, so we make it easy to bring the wild to your window. Ever since bird feeding blossomed from a family hobby into a family business in 1982, we’ve been focused exclusively on backyard wildlife. We’ve had time to dig deep and become experts on bird feeding, and we care for the environment the way we care for each other: with respect, attention, and joy. Everything we make is food safety certified so you know your birds are getting the best.

Birds inspire us to keep life colorful. We’d love to share that delight with you.

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