Conservation is the act of preserving, protecting, or restoring something — usually wildlife or some other facet of our natural environment. For birders, this most often revolves around the wild bird species that visit our yards. Whether you have sprawling acres or a small suburban balcony, you can transform your space into a wildlife habitat that supports birds, bees, butterflies, and other regional wildlife.Read More →

A black-capped chickadee perches on a branch full of yellow berries.

Homemade bird seed cakes are an oh-so-simple afternoon craft. They can be made quickly with few ingredients and are a great activity for kids & adults alike. They make charming party favors and of course your backyard birds will love them!Read More →

Home is a place of comfort where we can relax and be our genuine selves. We’re able to arrange our environments to reflect our personalities and personal style. And it’s as easy to decorate your backyard as it is to decorate your living room! Try our quick tips for bird-friendly outdoor decor.Read More →

Throughout history, blue birds have been symbols of hope and happiness, as well as the subjects of art, poetry, songs and mythology. But did you know that not all blue birds are Bluebirds? There are several species of blue-feathered birds that you can attract to your feeders, depending on where you live.Read More →

A weathered green birdhouse / nestbox hangs from a tree branch against a green backdrop.

One of the best ways to invite nature into your home is to create a bird-friendly area, like a little nature preserve outside your window. Craft a spot that invites birds to visit and nature can flourish even in the smallest space.Read More →

A Blue Jay perches on a wooden hopper feeder filled with seeds.

We think of cold weather as a time for cozy coats, soft scarves, hot chocolate, and a crackling fire in the fireplace. It’s also the most important time to fill our feeders, because wild birds need our help to make it through the winter.Read More →